• Marion County Registered Sex Offenders

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    A Message from the Registrar

    Contact Kelli McNabb @ 601-736-5051

    Our goal as a department is to keep our citizens informed. People that register as sex offenders can often be misunderstood as "molesters". Please remember that every situation and charge is different. Certain details cannot be given to the public, however, I will always honestly answer questions that pertain to the safety of you and your children so that we can do our best to prevent any incidents on everyone's behalf. Don't hesitate to contact me for questions or to give information. That's what we're here for!

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    What is a Sex Offender and what are they required to do?

    In the State of Mississippi, anyone (with only minimal exception) that has been convicted of a sex offense has to register as a sex offender for their lifetime. Most surrounding states have misdemeanor sex offenses and/or offenses that do not require registration or only require registration for a certain time period, but Mississippi does not. In rare cases, people that are convicted of other crimes have to register because the court feels they need to abide by the same rules sex offenders do. When the offender is released from incarceration or otherwise directed by the court, they report to the Sheriff's Office of the county they reside in and register. They have to provide in depth information, fingerprints, and DNA to the registrar. That information is forwarded to the State Sex Offender Registry and the information is published on their website as well.